RS5 - T14 Touring Car



On the last 4 racing session the “T” series RS5 touring cars dominated national and International racing scene:

Won many national championships.

Broke track record and TQ at the 2010 & 2011 European Championship.

Won three times in a row the EFRA European championship (2011, 2012 and 2013)

Became Vice World Champion in 2013.

Won three out of four EFRA GP’s in 2013.


All of these results show the potential of our unique Carbone-Car concept. A concept, which is completely different from
any other 1/5 scale cars. The RS5 touring cars winn races at all grip conditions, from the high-grip European championship
tracks, to the slippery national tracks (Argentinian Champion 2013, Spanish Champions 2013, etc.) and the car is also
fast at zero grip-or in rainy conditions (winning all Rainy EFRA GP races at 2013).
The RS5 cars are well known about the robust construction (as the German nickname “The Panzer” shows) Thanks to
our unique Carbon-Alloy hybrid chassis concept, we can make a robust and lightweight car and we do not have to under
dimension some part of the car. Like our motto says “development never ends…”, we always investigate and test new
ideas, to make our cars faster and better. The upcoming model, which is the T14, also developed regarding this
criteria’s. We talk a lot with our Customers and Team Drivers to know, what we need to change on the car to make it
better. The most critical issue we found was the accessibility of servos. To solve this was a very challenging
job, because the Carbone-Monocoque chassis gives us very limited place and we did not want to change our successful
design dramatically. We would like to thank Mr. Tommaso De Battisti, who helped us with his clever design ideas. To
increase the performance of the car we are dedicated to improve the torsion of the chassis (Flex). The RS5 touring car is
the only car on the market which offers unlimited flex adjustments options, from the 100% stiff to the very flexible
setup. During this year we made a lot of test with the Ackerman positions. The outcome of these test was that we
created new stronger steering arms with other Ackerman positions. We dedicated to change some parts of our shocks,
to reach better lifetime and performance. We changed all transmission gears and many more…