RS5 - T16 Touring Car Power Supply Tray

Power Supply Tray


Our new 2016 version carbon fiber Power Supply tray is mainly designed for the Tx series car. It supports the Beast engine’s Ignition Coil and the battery on a single plate. This tray is standard part on any Tx16 car and is an optional part for T16 car and for the Tx conversion kit and any other RS5 Touring cars.       

Compatible Batteries


The new 2016 version Power Supply tray is compatible only with Super Shorty 2s Hard Case Lipo batteries. (69mm x  47mm x 25mm) 

Here You find some links of this battery:

<<< LRP Super Shorty >>>
<<< Turnigy Super Shorty >>>
<<< Arrowmax Super Shorty >>>


Power Supply Tray


The upper battery support is the holder of the transponder. This tray is mounted as close as possible to the center line of the car, next to chassis. The weight of this tray, included the ignition coil and the battery balances the weight of the other side mounted exhaust.


Part Nr.: 13150 Power Supply Tray Kit


The ordering code of the Power Supply Tray kit is Part Nr.: 13150.

Please note that the kit does not include the battery, nor the Ignition coil, nor the transponder.