RS5 - Tx16 Touring Car



From 2016 we have 2 types of chassis kit, the “T series chassis” and the “Tx series chassis”.

Here you can see the 2016 version of the “Tx series chassis” car - named RS5 Tx16.

The RS5 Tx16 car is based on our all-new Beast engine.

The main differences between the “T series chassis” and the “Tx series chassis” are the main alloy chassis, the left and right side engine brackets, all in all three parts. Any RS5 Touring car from T12 (T12, T13, T14, T15, T16) can be converted to a Beast engine ready Tx series car.

Back at 2011 we decided to lounch a car and engine project - called “TX” - where the engine has an CNC machined crankcase and it is structural part of the car. The main idea behind this project was to make the engine as low positioned as possible to reduce the center of gravity of the car and to make the car 100% symmetrical.
The first test showed huge potential of this concept, by winning the 2011 European Championship by Martin Bayer. After the victory we decided to work more and more on this concept before we put it on the market, to be sure that everything was perfect. We decided not to use this concept in 2012 and 2013 at Big Races, where we run the T series cars (T12 and T13) instead of the Tx series car. But our development continued in the background and specially in the second half of 2014 and during 2015 we redesigned several time the engine and the chassis until it got its final shape. The 2015 European Championship was the last big test of the completely redesigned Beast engine and the Tx chassis, where it showed its potential against the best drivers, cars and engines all over the world in an sweltering heat (35+ degrees). The Tx chassis and the Beast engine proved their power during this event by making track record and winning the 2015 European Championship by Ales Bayer. The Beast engine was one of a few engine in the Austrian summer heat that had no problem with overheating and had no problem with fuel economy.