RS5 - Tx16 Touring Car Features



The “Tx chassis” for sure has alle the news and features of the conventional T16 car. You can see them listed on the "RS5 - T16 Touring Car Features Page". But the Tx Version has even more advantages:

Lower Center Of Gravity

The Beast engine sits 6mm lower on the Tx series chassis than the standard Zenoah engine on the T series chassis. This means the Tx car has lower center of gravity and this gives you advantages at fast direction changes and the car has less tendency of grip rolling at high grip conditions. Because of the low center of gravity you can use softer springs and anti roll bar setup because the car roll less. With the softer suspension you can use more the curbs and the car is easier to drive on bumpy tracks.

Perfect Symmetricity Of The Car

The side part of the Beast crankcase are made of 7075-T6 aluminium and has same bottom mounting points as the left side engine bracket, to make the engine structural part of the car. All the bottom mounting holes of the Tx chassis are 100% symmetrical. The standard Zenoah engine has a mass-produced mold cast aluminum crankcase and its tolerances are high. Sometimes these slight tolerance issues generates bending, so owners have to re-tweak the chassis after mounting the engine.

The CNC machined 7075-T6 alloy crankcase is a way stiffer than a mold cast aluminum and provides symmetrical mounting points, which leads to an "easy to drive" chassis.

Engine Fixing

You can fix the Beast engine at three points to the chassis with two screws at each point. All fixing points are adjustable to make your car totally tweak free. At the front fixing point are two adjustment screws with hexagon head. With this two hexagon head screws you can adjust the gap between the engine and the engine fixture. The chassis and the rear engine fixture has oval holes to let align the engine perfectly.

Power Supply Tray

Our new 2016 version carbon fiber Power Supply tray is designed to support the Beast engine’s Ignition Coil and the battery on a single plate. The upper battery support plate is the holder of the transponder. This tray is mounted as close as possible to the center line of the car, next to chassis. The weight of the tray, the ignition coil and the battery balances the weight of the other side mounted exhaust.