RS5 - XT 2019 Touring Car Features



XT - Chassis 2019

New alloy chassis with carbon side stiffener. It increases the stability and grip of the car at both, low and high grip conditions. It also increases the stability of the car a lot, especialy at hot and ambient conditions.

XT - Directlink and Anti-Roll Bar

The new innovative Directlink anti-roll bar system increases the grip and stability of the car. The anti-roll bars are now connected also to the chassis, and not only to eachother like by the ball style anti roll bar. When the centrifugal force try to roll the chassis, the anti-roll bar holds against it. Because now the anti-roll bar is connected to the chassis, it transfers more pressure to the outer tyres, so the pressure between ground and tyres become bigger, so the grip of the car inreases. This changes the caracteristic of the car drasticly, it becomes more responsive, more quick at direction changes and more stabel in general.


XT - New Front Wishbones

New front lower wishbones with one extra outer shock abbsorber fixing hole. The new hole increase the stability of the car, reduces the "edginess" of the front end at both, high and low grip conditions.

XT - RC Unit 2019

New RC unit design allows You to define more precise the front end flex of Your car. Now You can adjust it in 3 steps:
Full stiff, so no flex lateral or longitudinal
Flex only lateral, so no flex longitudinal
Flex at both direction, so flex lateral and longitudinal




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